Diabetes Control

Low-Carbs Diets Explained eBook cover

You can burn stored body fat for energy and shed excess weight by reducing the carbohydrate intake in your diet. This is possible with low-carb diets. Learn all about the real benefits of Low-Carb Diets and discover what they can really do to improve the quality of your life today, especially as it relates to diabetes control. Benefits
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Junk Food and Diabetes

In order to tackle the Corona Virus, Mexico banned junk food for children.  This virus is bad news for diabetics.  Should diabetics eat junk food?  Let us take a look at the two, junk food and diabetes. This article will focus on junk food and diabetes so that we can conclude if diabetics should be
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5 Things to Control Diabetes

There are a few, simple things we should do every morning to ensure that we lower high blood sugar in the morning, and also prevent horrible spikes during the day. The above is important because when diabetes is left untreated then the outcome can be catastrophic.  Kidney issues, heart diseases, stroke, vision problems, and loss
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