Diabetes and Fruits

Papaya tree with fruits and bird

Diabetics are sometimes unsure if they should eat fruits because of the sweetness of some. There is also a lot of information floating around and it sometimes becomes difficult to know what to believe. Papaya is one of those fruits where there are discussions concerning how safe they are for diabetics. I like the fact that after
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Vegetable Market

Much has been said about controlling diabetes and possibly eliminating diabetes. You will agree with me that this is worth discussing in order to offer hope for the persons suffering from this horrible lifestyle illness.  Having covered that, though not fully, I do believe that the persons with diabetes who have been reading this website,
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Golden Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a sweet fruit, both in taste and smell.  It has an oval shape and the common variety is either yellow or purple in color.  The yellow passion fruit is bigger than the purple fruit.  Is passion fruit good to eat when you have diabetes? Passion fruit is a good source of vitamins
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