Diabetes and Foods

A variety of beans

  Diabetes is described as a metabolic disease with a number of life-altering complications. It was commonly felt that once diabetic, then you remain diabetic and yes, you would die from the complications. The result is that we are placed on drugs for diabetes and I am sure your experience may be similar to mine.
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NutriBullet is a kitchen gadget which is used to pulverize vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Some people refer to it as an “extractor” instead of a juicer or a blender. This may be so because of the actions of the blades which comes with a lot of power and crushes things until it becomes a
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Papaya tree with fruits and bird

Diabetics are sometimes unsure if they should eat fruits because of the sweetness of some. There is also a lot of information floating around and it sometimes becomes difficult to know what to believe. Papaya is one of those fruits where there are discussions concerning how safe they are for diabetics. I like the fact that after
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