Can we Cure Diabetes without Side Effects?

In this article, I will mention the results from a test I found interesting. It will be brief and that is a promise.

A Cure, Without Side Effects?

In the next three years, we could see human beings be tested for a cure for diabetes, without side effects. The University of Texas increased the cell in the pancreas which makes insulin. This relates to Type 1 diabetes using gene transfer in mice. It also means that insulin dependence in type 2 patients could also end.

Beta Cells???

Beta Cells are responsible for making insulin, which is then used to lower our blood sugar. In the case of type1 diabetics, the beta cells are destroyed by the immune system and so insulin is not produced and the blood sugar level rises out of control. Type 2 diabetes is a bit different, in that insulin decreases, but is still produced because the beta cells fail.

The researchers used a virus which acted as a vector to carry certain genes into the pancreas. This is called gene transfer. This then forces the cells to make insulin, which then lowers blood glucose.

It is expected that this will reduce the need for insulin therapy and the use of medications which sometimes results in such a huge and sudden drop in the blood sugar that it could result in diabetic coma. This experiment worked perfectly on mice and so a different study is now needed on human beings.

Continue the Research and Keep Sharing

As is customary, I am of the view that information is powerful, can change lives and so we need to disseminate such information so that we can collectively improve our lives.

Let me encourage you to continue reading about beta cells and follow future research to see the conclusion of this argument. Cheers.



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    Very interesting information, thank you! I can’t wait to hear what the outcome is of the studies and hopefully they will prove successful as so many people can benefit from such a breakthrough.

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    This is very interesting.
    I would love to hear the outcome of this research.

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    Thanks for the good reading! If you have not already done so you should read more into the Ketogenic diet. It has reported incredible diabetes reversing characteristics. Definitely worth looking at 🙂

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      Thanks, Justin, I have been using Ketogenic/low carb with great results. Much appreciated and continued success.

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    Of a truth there is no known pharmaceutical cure for Diabetes, but the good news is ‘Diabetes is cured naturally by herbal medicine and with the right herbal proportion.

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