Can Diabetes Cause Lower Back Pain?

In my research today, I saw an article of interest and so I will be sharing that information with my readers. There seems to be a possible link between diabetes and lower back pain.

It was stated that diabetics have a 35% higher risk of experiencing lower back pain and a 24% risk of experiencing neck pain. This comparison was done with people who are not diabetic. The question then is, can diabetes cause lower back pain?

Sins of the Century

I am sure you will agree with me that back and neck pains are common in our society. It does not take rocket science to form conclusions either. Posture is an issue in many cases. A lack of physical activity could very well be another reason for back pain.

Most of us sit for too long looking at cell phones and in my case using a laptop to type this website, also typing lesson plans, creating PowerPoint Presentations for class and writing a website for my class. How many of us are sitting with back straight and taking breaks from the computer screen at least every 15 minutes? I know I am guilty as charged.

The point I am making is that the last place I would try to find clues about a back or neck pain would be diabetes, but here is a report which grabbed my attention. Hey wait a bit, they said there was not enough evidence to say that there is a relationship between the two and that more investigation is necessary.

To Exercise, or, Not?

Here is the link which is of interest to me. Diabetes, lower back pain, obesity and inactivity all have some form of connection. My take away from this article is that once again we are being reminded of the importance of physical activity, weight maintenance for optimum health and the need to control diabetes.

Do bear in mind that blood glucose levels respond well to physical activities. My readings are lower even when I rake the yard and spend about three hours cleaning the house. It’s fantastic when I am disciplined enough to cycle at least four times per week.

This is a brief article to just encourage my faithful readers to get active. It’s not the easiest thing to do for those of us with a busy schedule. However, this is my take on the matter. If diabetes leaves me very ill, then I will have more than enough time, but I may not be able to do so.

Let me admit, it’s difficult for me to exercise. I own a stationary bike, which I clean every week, but not because it is being used. This past week, I made an effort to be more active by riding and doing the Leslie Sansone walk at home videos.

What a difference? My energy level went through the roof, and my blood glucose stayed pretty close to the norm and I had a great week, healthwise. This cycle below is the same brand as the one I use at home. Feel free to click the picture and make the necessary changes to walk in good health.

Two Options Just For You

Cycle to rid yourself of diabetes. What I absolutely love about using the indoor cycle is that I don’t have to worry about the weather and the possibility of being mobbed outside, especially when I walk alone.

Go ahead and click the cycle below.

I mentioned Leslie Sansone. Her workout has been a favorite of mine since my sister introduced me to her. Then we were using videotapes. Now you can get her collection on DVD’s, or just go to YouTube and do the workout for free. If you are like me and prefer the video, then please click the picture below.


Diabetes could possibly be linked to lower back and also neck pain. It could also be that we are inactive and in need of more exercise, which will see us losing weight and reducing our blood sugar readings.

A call to action was made for us to exercise in order to effectively win the war against diabetes. Do answer the call. Until next time, strive for a diabetic-free life and do enjoy the journey.

Medical Disclaimer


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  1. // Reply

    Josephine, I have liked your article because if I am to do what it says, my life will not be the same.
    I once woke up to a terrible back ache out of the blue. I took me a several sets of exercise to get back to normal. I guess it was caused by poor sitting postures.
    I just hope it was not an onset of diabetes.
    But I now do slight exercises and you have made me gain interest in owning a bike.
    Thank you for your sharing

  2. // Reply

    Very interesting article and I would not have made the connection between diabetes and back or neck pain. I do suffer pain in those areas, but I’m not diabetic. However, I do agree that light exercise is a great preventative. Time for me to dust off the exercise bike!

    1. // Reply

      Helen, I was surprised when I saw this article possibly linking back pain and diabetes. Like you, I took the dust off the cycle and what a difference! Keep me posted and cheers.

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