BurstFit FIRE: Dr. Josh Axe’s DVD Workout Program


I recently wrote an article about resistance interval training and it helped me to finally kick start my exercise program. You can read that article here, just click the resistance interval training link, which is in blue.  I have been a Leslie Sansone person for years (on and off as my exercise track record needs help). You can see a review here. Again, just click the blue Leslie Sansone link.

I decided to try something new and that is my reason for introducing BurstFit Fire: Dr. Josh Axe’s DVD Workout program. It received a 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This I think is a good place to start. Yes, there are a lot of other people who actually like this DVD workout program as well.

Package Contents

  • 3 DVDs with a wide variety of exercises (focusing on strengthening abs, reducing belly fatty and cardio routines. Arms, legs, and chest are also in the mix of places which will benefit and feel great at the end).
  • 6 different interval workouts (Abs on Fire, Belly Fat Inferno, Cardio, Shoulder Shred Absolutely Lean Arms, Hot Legs and Booty Bootcamp.
  • Warm-up and Cool-Down Videos.
  • A 28 Day quick start guide workout calendar.


    1. It takes only 20 minutes. It is easy to find this kind of time to do something of such great value, for which our muscles and blood glucose will say “thank you.”
    2. Great instructions from Dr. Axe about the safe way to do the exercises.
    3. Different levels of training. This is great news for beginners and also equally good news for the more advanced person.
    4. Advice is given by a real doctor who also has fitness experience. This is true value for money.


  1. The warm up session is on the first DVD and the cool down session is on the last DVD. It can be a bit annoying to make the switch.
  2. If you are truly new to exercising, it could prove a bit challenging initially.


The BurstFit FIRE: Dr. Josh Axe’s DVD Workout Program definitely give you a great 20 minutes workout and you are not bored because of the variety. It is a great high interval training option for those of us wanting to be healthier for 2017 and beyond.

The research has shown that resistance interval training can make us healthier and it is a good option for diabetics and others who would like diabetes to stay clear. This set of DVD has some great high interval sessions which will help us to reach our health goals and feel great about ourselves.

So the question is, would I recommend the BurstFit FIRE: Dr. Josh Axe’s DVD Workout Program? I most definitely am recommending the BurstFit FIRE: Dr. Josh Axe’s DVD Workout Program for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.


Medical Disclaimer


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    Hello Josephine, thank you for your recommendation of the Burst Fit Fire DVD work out program. A program that can help to maintain health and shed some pounds as it reduces the middle bulge and also helps the cardio vascular system can only be of benefit to our souls and bodies. To be able to achieve this by doing 20 minutes at a time sounds like a big plus.

    1. // Reply

      EJ, yes it is great to know that 20 minutes per day could make such a big difference. I am feeling great and I finally found something short, spicy and effective. All the best to you and give it a try.

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    Hi Josephine,
    This is a nice, straight to the point review for burst fit fire,
    I’m not a diabetic myself, but none the less living a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise is a subject close to my heart.
    Keep spreading the good word!

  3. // Reply

    This is outstanding! It has been so frustrating searching time and time again, always landing on the page with the not so right information…

    This Dvd Workout program looks awesome, I cannot wait to try this!

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    Hi Josephine, in today’s fast paced life this exercise DVD should be very useful as it won’t take much time. Just 20 minutes a day is good. Moreover, resistance training with high intensity and intervals are scientifically validated exercises to better health. Thank you for your recommendation.

    1. // Reply

      Yes Jed, it is so easy to find just 20 minutes to do something that leaves you feeling great and to know that it is also having an enormous impact is super special and makes it worth every dollar spent. Thanks for taking the time and all the best in your endeavors. May you be blessed and be highly favored.

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