Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

As a diabetic, I understand that we sometimes find it difficult to pull ourselves from underneath the sheets, and even when we accomplish same, there is a lot of confusion about what to prepare for breakfast. I will share with you some of my breakfast ideas that I have been using for the past three years.

These are more than just breakfast ideas for diabetics. These are ideas which are practical and they consistently help me in the struggle to control my blood sugar levels. They also help me to be more healthy in the long run.

Please, stay tuned and continue to read and see how easy it is to lower those numbers and be healthier. For me, being diabetic means that sometimes my energy level is not where I would like for it to be. This means that it is possible to awake in the morning and to be super tired and not able to prepare breakfast.

God be praised that I found and have been applying things from this book and what a difference?

Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

I PLAN my meals. Yes, I absolutely love planning my meals. The truth be told, I love planning, period, full-stop. Sometimes my breakfast is fully cooked and placed in the refrigerator. Other times, I do the prep overnight and then just do some quick cooking in the mornings.

Cauliflower and cheeseFruit Salad PlateA cup of coffee

Here are some popular low carb breakfast options for me;

  1. One (1) boiled egg and a slice of mozzarella cheese with coffee (cream and cinnamon) served with a half cup of strawberries. This is a popular breakfast for me if my numbers were a bit out of the normal range the day before. Note that the egg and cheese will not cause a spike in my blood sugar and they will also keep me full for longer. Strawberries and cinnamon are also good, healthy choices for diabetics. Read here about coffee for diabetics.
  2. Vegetable Frittata served with green tea (cream, but no sugar), one (1) ripe banana and 1/2 cup of orange juice, freshly squeezed at home. For the frittata, I use eggs, onions, tomatoes, scallion, scotch bonnet pepper, callaloo, cabbage, mozzarella cheese, salt, and pepper.
  3. Two (2) boiled eggs served with a berry fruit bowl (1 cup mixed berries) and one (1) cup black coffee with cumin powder. Eggs do keep me feeling full all morning and into the afternoon. They are my “go to foods” to prevent blood sugar spikes. 

Look at the infographic below to understand the rise and the fall in our blood sugar levels. You can also click the graphics and read the page for more information.

Inforgraphic about the rise and fall in blood sugar.


Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

Sometimes my body cries out for some vegetables in the mornings. There are a few options that I absolutely love. I will share them with you here.

  1. Sauteed callaloo using onions, scallion, tomatoes, garlic, salt and black pepper with one (1) green banana, two (2) slices avocado served with coffee and cinnamon (cream only), one (cup) papaya and half a cup of peanuts.
  2. Sauteed cabbage using onions, scallion, tomatoes, garlic, salt and black pepper with two (2) fingers green banana served with mint tea (with 1/2 teaspoon sugar), one (1) cup mixed berries and a half cup of almond milk or whole milk (not quite vegetarian, but, neither am I).
  3. Kale and cabbage sauteed with onions, scallion, tomatoes, scotch bonnet pepper, garlic, salt, and black pepper served with steamed bammy, black coffee with cumin, and two (2) oranges.

Jamaican Breakfast

This is my favorite, especially when I am going to be away from food for longer than I would prefer. So, let’s look at my Jamaican breakfast options.

  1. Ackee and codfish, green bananas (2 fingers), yam (1 slice), black coffee and one (1) cup of papaya. When I eat this way for breakfast, I then significantly reduce my carbs for the rest of the day. Hence, on a day such as this one, I may eat just low carb vegetables with meat for lunch and then some cheese or boiled eggs before going to bed.
  2. Ackee and codfish, one (1) small bammy (steamed), sauteed callaloo, black coffee, and two (2) large Jimblins. I haven’t done proper research as yet on bammy made from cassava, but I am sure that it is easy on my blood sugar levels. To understand more, here is an article by Dr. Mercola.
  3. Salt Mackerel, turned cornmeal (1/2 cup),  sauteed cabbage, black coffee and one (1) ripe banana. Turned (Tun) cornmeal is another Jamaican favorite of mine. Again, it goes easy on my blood sugar, especially when I eat it half cup at each sitting.
  4. Cow liver, green banana (1 finger), half of a green plantain (fried), sauteed callaloo, black coffee and one (1) Otaheite apple. Green plantains and bananas are lovely options for me as they prevent that horrible spike possible when we consume some foods.

Continental Breakfast

These are rare for me, but they are served a lot when I travel and the choices I make will determine the kind of blood sugar spike I have in the end. Please see below for my choices.

  1. Scrambled eggs, cheese slices, one (1) slice of toast with some butter, coffee with cream and available fruits. Please note that the eggs and the cheese will keep me feeling full for a long time. I always go for mozzarella when it is available. Cream cheese is my second option. Note that in order to minimize the spike I have only one (1) slice of toast.
  2. Eggs in whatever available style, breakfast sausages (1), a half, or quarter of a pancake, dependent on the size, black coffee, and available fruits. I go easy on the breakfast sausages because they are highly processed and more than likely contain fillers. I know I can get away with a piece of pancake, but I leave the syrup out of the equation in order to keep as close as possible to a normal blood sugar reading.

Until next time, allow me to encourage you to continue the fight against diabetes and other lifestyle illnesses. Please remember to drop us a note in the comment box below and do subscribe for updates and freebies.

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    Very informative article! Although I am not diabetic, diabetes does run in my family so I am always looking for new ways to stay abreast of this modern-day epidemic.

    Just curious, if someone gets type-2 diabetes later on in life is it possible to reverse the disease?

    1. // Reply

      I honestly believe that a lifestyle change is possible to reverse diabetes. I get very good numbers once I maintain my whole foods and active lifestyle. All the best.

  2. // Reply

    Wow! Your section with “Jamaican Breakfast” in the title grabbed my attention! I stayed in a resort; Sandals Resort,in Montego Bay, Jamaica and absolutely loved it!
    I love how you’ve put this page together, offering meals for people who are diabetics and vegetarians. The food ideas sound delicious! I’m not on any special diet, but I will try some of these ideas.
    Thanks for sharing!

    I’ll share this with my friends who are on special diets!

    Best of health,

    1. // Reply

      I am glad you enjoyed your stay in Jamaica. Yes, I would appreciate your sharing the website, especially this page. Please note that it is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I appreciate your time. Cheers.

  3. // Reply

    Thanks for the quick response! Yes, you are correct, “lifestyle change” even sounds better! I look forward to reading more of your pages.

    Best wishes,

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    This is awesome! I love it that you cater for a variety of people! I am sure going to try a few of these recipes. thanks Josephine.

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