Josephine Crawford

How to diagnose diabetes

  Knowing that I had diabetes was really half of the problem solved. When I was ignorant of the fact, I continued to eat all the foods which made my situation worse. To be honest, when I was told that I was pre-diabetic I ignored that information as well. I even had a well-known dermatologist
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Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease with almonds

It is a popular belief that a number of diabetics, later in life must also deal with some form of cardiovascular disease. Please allow me to state here and now, that I refuse to “own” all these diabetic complications. Yes, in the event reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease with almonds is true, then I
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Family history of diabetes

  “It runs in my family.” Think about how many times you heard this seemingly proud announcement, especially relating to an illness. What is truly sad, is that most of the time we are referring to lifestyle illnesses and we are not making the connection that we were taught to eat and behave in a given
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