Josephine Crawford

Golden Passion Fruit

This is a sweet fruit, both in taste and smell.  It has an oval shape and common variety is either yellow or purple in color.  The yellow fruits are bigger than purple.  Passion fruit is a good source of vitamins A and C.  It also contains, potassium, mineral, and the diabetic magic word, “fiber.” The
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Bitter Melon

This is a plant in which both the leaves and the fruit are used for medicinal purposes.  And yes, it is bitter. However, the sweet benefits you will gain from using this plant will suffice for the bitter taste.  Some Asian countries use the plant as a vegetable.  It is popularly used in stir fry.
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I could pack this page with what others have said and the various researches are done to date, but you see, I really need to speak from my heart and share my experiences with you.  It is no secret that I struggled with diabetes before, but I am learning to control the illness via lifestyle
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