Diabetics and Sardines, the Truth Revealed

Diabetics are constantly in search of information about the foods they can and should eat. This is crucial to either control or, if possible reverse diabetes. Sardines are in the spotlight again. As a result, this article will answer the question “are sardines good for diabetics?”

We already have some information about oily fish such as sardines. They are good for our cholesterol. Thanks to the unsaturated fats that help in the regulation of our cholesterol levels. This also helps to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Spanish Study About Sardines and Diabetics

According to this study, if we eat sardines regularly, then it is possible for us to prevent diabetes. 152 patients were in this study. All of them where are 65 years and over. They were previously diagnosed as pre-diabetic. The patients were taken from three different medical centers.

All the patients were placed on a diet to ensure that they did not become diabetic. One set of patients was given 200 grams of sardines in olive oil. This was in addition to what the others were eating. Accordingly, it is of interest to note that they were told to eat everything which included the bones in the sardines. Note that this is so because the bone is rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Consequently, the study concluded that eating sardines on a weekly basis significantly reduced the risk of being diabetic. At the end of the study, only 8% of the patients were still in danger of becoming diabetic.

What the Study Revealed About Sardines and Diabetes

The researchers reported a reduction in the insulin resistance index. They also reported increased HDL, which is our good cholesterol, and decreased triglycerides. There was also an increase in the hormones responsible for accelerating the breakdown of adiponectin. This speaks to the breakdown of glucose. It is also interesting to note that patients also experienced lower blood pressure.

It is common for diabetics to also suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure. To learn that sardines also fixes these two issues is indeed a blessing and good news for pre-diabetics and diabetics alike.

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A Note About Taurine

Sardines are rich in taurine, omega3, calcium, and vitamin D, which combine to protect us from diabetes. It was pointed out that when we take these supplements by ourselves, they do not lower our blood sugar. Combined in food such as sardines, taurine, omegae3, calcium, and vitamin D, have proven to have a protective element.

Taurine is found in our brain, heart, retina, and our blood cells. We get taurine from fish such as sardines, meats, and eggs. Most of us are able to use amino acids to make taurine. However, some people are not able to do so and hence they must get their supply from their diet.

Sources of taurine - sardines for diabetics.

Taurine supports nerve growth. It also lowers our blood pressure and thereby protects us from heart failure. Taurine also has the reputation of calming our nervous system. When heart failure occurs, taurine prevents it from getting worse.

Hepatitis has been known to get some relief from taurine. This means that taurine is great for inflammation and so it benefits people faced with liver issues.


In summary, sardines are great for people wanting to avoid becoming diabetic. It decreases the risk of diabetes and gives us other bonuses. Sardines are great for protecting our hearts and liver. Our cholesterol and blood pressure are also improved when we consume sardines.

Let us continue the fight to rid our lives of diabetes. It is possible via lifestyle changes. Diet and exercise are important to stop diabetes in her track.


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