How to Control Diabetes with Diet – Another Case for Cinnamon

Once again the research is proving that cinnamon may prove Cinnamon Sticks and Powderbeneficial for diabetics. This is so because cinnamon appears to be helpful in managing what is called metabolic syndrome.

Let us take a look at how to control diabetes with diet as we take another look at cinnamon. For a previous article I did about cinnamon and diabetes, please click the word cinnamon.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is used to refer to a group of medical conditions which include; elevated blood sugar, excessive fat around the waist, high blood pressure, and cholesterol which is out of whack.

Diabetes, stroke and heart disease is possible and more likely to happen when we suffer from metabolic syndrome. Cinnamon is touted as being effective in reducing metabolic syndrome.

It is oftentimes said that this spice is commonly used in Indian kitchens. Let me also point out that the researcher reported that metabolic syndrome has been on the rise amongst Asian Indians.

Cinnamon Miracle? Or Not?

When the participants were given the cinnamon, they lost weight, their cholesterol readings were improved and there was a positive impact on their blood sugar. Note that they were given 3g of cinnamon daily.

When I read this I was a bit confused since these people are known for the use of cinnamon. Further reading revealed that cinnamon by itself will not do the trick and that people were being encouraged to eat a particular diet and to become more physically active.

Embracing a More Active Lifestyle

Now that we have established that cinnamon, by itself will not work any miracles, let us now turn our attention to embracing a more active lifestyle.

In an earlier article, I made some common-sense suggestions for controlling diabetes and becoming more physically active over a period of time. Click the article and scroll down to “Embrace a more Active Lifestyle.”

Leslie Sansone at your Service

I also suggested a set of walking tapes I like to use. They were created by Leslie Sansone and they are perfect for those of us with diabetes and those wanting to prevent diabetes.

The fact that you can use the tapes in the comfort of your home makes them priceless. Click and read this “Walk at Home Review” I wrote some time back.

Cycling, Really?


If cycling is “your thing,” or maybe you have been curious about the benefits of cycling, then please click this link about cycling and see what the results are saying about the connection with diabetes.

My Journey with Cinnamon and More

I am famous for using cinnamon a number of ways. I place a pinch of cinnamon in my tea. I love the new flavor it gives. I sometimes just take half teaspoon of the cinnamon spice in a cup of water, to which I add some milk.

I also absolutely love to add cinnamon to my porridge. This includes cornmeal, oats and hominy corn. This again gives a nice flavor I have grown to love.

I absolutely love adding cinnamon to my meat when cooking. It is delicious on chicken, pork, and fish. I especially love it on pork and I sometimes do curried mutton and include cinnamon. Cinnamon and curry go nicely together.

Today, I am healthier and happier than I have been in years. But, please continue to read, rather than jumping to a conclusion.

Is it the Cinnamon?

Let me hasten to add that I have incorporated a number of changes in my lifestyle and so I will not attribute my improved health state to cinnamon only.

Cruciferous Vegetables

I eat a lot of whole foods which includes fruits and vegetables. I Curly Kalelove the cruciferous vegetables because they have been instrumental in helping me to control my blood sugar. You may want to check out this page of articles about cruciferous vegetables.

Moist Cooking Methods

I am also mindful of the methods I use to prepare my foods. I do less of the dry cooking methods and more of the moist cooking methods. I love to stew and steam. Here is why I favor moist cooking methods.

Here you can read about stewing, steaming, and poaching.

Plant-Based Foods

I have also found that a diet rich in plant-based foods helps me to control diabetes. This means that I eat foods like bananas, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, jackfruit, peanuts and other nuts and I also eat a lot of beans.


Controlling diabetes is possible. It is also possible to eliminate diabetes with a lifestyle change. It is certainly not a one size fits all scenario, but, the good news is that it is possible to prove that diabetes can be at least made less severe with food.

Cinnamon is an Indian spice which can help us in the struggle to be diabetic-free. We will, however, discover that by itself without a lifestyle change of becoming more physically active and eating a diet rich in whole foods, cinnamon may prove ineffective.

We need to consume whole foods, be more physically active, and get enough sleep. These changes, along with using more cinnamon will leave our blood happier.

Until next time, “walk good.”

Medical Disclaimer

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    I love how encouraging this is! I have heard about alot of benefits from taking cinnamon but this is the first I have heard of this. I take it with chromium to help curb my appetite and it works wonders so I have no doubt it can do something magnificent like this to help. Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for the visit and the comment Katie. I take chromium as well, but I prefer to just eat a lot of whole foods. Cinnamon is a must for me and I love the flavor it gives. Cheers.

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