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Hi everyone, I am Josephine and I have been interested in health-related topics for the past 13 years. About JosephineI did some formal studies in the area, which taught me to use food and lifestyle changes to help my body to heal. 

I am also a trained teacher and librarian, who believes in lifelong learning.  I love to help others.  Truth be told, I am passionate about helping others and for that reason I created this site.  I didn’t always practice what I was taught and so in time I developed diabetes and things got out of hand with my health.

If you would like to know more about my education and my work experiences, please check out my LinkedIn page.

The Journey BeginsThis is an illustration of two frogs with suitcases.

Through this site, I will share my journey with you and included will be the successes I’ve had, with the intention to help you to be diabetes free by simply changing your lifestyle.  It is a journey and I invite you to follow my walk as I share with you some valuable lessons and suggest how you can experience the joy I now have in my walk to be diabetic free.

I am experiencing some amazing results where my readings dropped by 100% and more.  I kid you not and the only thing I did was change what I ate and my attitude toward diabetes.  I no longer see diabetes as a “death sentence,” but just a visitor I welcomed in my “home” because of some wrong choices.

I mentioned I am a librarian, but what I did not tell you is that I love to weed.  Yes, I told this visitor, in no uncertain terms, ‘it is time to leave my house.”  I am inviting you to do the same by following my site and being brave to make the move.

Was it Worth the Effort?

The changes I made are easy and yet the effects are enormous.  I am “full of life again”, walking faster, running up the stairs at work, having no tendon pain and recently a male colleague complimented me on my changing features.  My skin is nicer now (a work in progress), I am losing weight (another work in progress) and my energy level is “through the roof.”  I am hardly bothered by anything and anyone now because I see things differently.  Once again, I am taking care of Josephine, all through lifestyle changes.

The result, lifestyle illnesses (diabetes and high blood pressure) are fast becoming a thing of my past and the bonuses are many (more energy, less weight, lower blood pressure and a happier, more positive me).

Help is on the Way:  Let me hold your Hand Holding baby hand.

I am willing to share and help you to make the changes I am making so that you too can experience the happiness of being healthy and fit again.  There is no need for you to accept diabetes and “her friends” into your “home.”  There is no reason for you to be sluggish, thinking that soon they will lay you in a horizontal position and sing “when the roll is called up yonder.”

Let me extend my hand by inviting you to visit my site for regular updates and encouragement and do feel free to leave your comments.

I wish for you a wonderful journey and I sincerely pray that I have encouraged you to make the move.  As is customary in my country, “walk good” and be diabetes-free.


Medical Disclaimer 

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    Congratulations Josephine on the creation of your website. Sharing your story is a very creative way of drawing persons to your site and the information shared is quite useful and presentation of it is user- inviting!

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      Many thanks, Louria, much appreciated. I will continue to do my best. Researching and writing are also helping me to get well, so I am happy and I give God the praise. Are you diabetic Louria, or do you know someone who is suffering from this lifestyle illness?

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    Thank you for sharing what is valuable information for be, see I have diabetes also and learning everything I can about the disease helps

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      Maurice, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I am sorry to hear that you have diabetes, but, please remember that it can be controlled and even eliminated. Continue to visit the site and ensure that your lifestyle is adjusted to allow your body to repair itself. I encourage you to make the bold move and do keep us informed. All the best.

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    Very interesting website – as a diabetic I will say you have a lot of valuable information. Thanks for all your hard work!

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    Hi Josephine, What a truly awe inspiring blog and great to read your story and how things turned out good. We started the Blood Sugar ‘lifestyle’ back in October 2016 and we’ve not looked back since. So much more full of life and energy … Still get the odd cravings now and again, but there is certainly a lot less sugar in our lives now than there once was !

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    Thanks for creating such a gold mine of healthy information Josephine. I hope that many of your visitors will understand that proper feeding is the number one best medicine for about any kind of health issues, if only we would accept the fact that nature has given us all the ingredients needed to live healthy and happy.

    Best wishes for a healthy life.


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      John, your comments are appreciated. Yes, our best medicine is food. It is also safer than other options. Do you know anyone who is diabetic?

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    Hey Josephine. This site is great and very informative. Thanks for this info because I know some people who have diabetes and I will pass this on to them. Great job and keep it coming.

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    I am trying to use the diet control as well.
    It is a up hill struggle but we can win
    The blog is good…..sound words

    1. // Reply

      Marcia, I am excited to hear that you at least are having an uphill struggle rather than a downhill experience. Up means, you are succeeding in spite of the struggles. Is your diabetes controlled? Tell us more and thanks for the kind words.

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    Sometimes it is controlled very well and then sometimes i have gone back to eating the wrong things …..a struggle but i am trying with it …..i must win.
    Thanks for the blog i love it.

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      Marcia, I am happy that you at least know that what you eat plays a major role in controlling your blood sugar. Exercise and peace of mind are also crucial. Strive to make the necessary lifestyle changes and continued success for 2020 and beyond.

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    Congratulations on creating this website, Josephine! I must confess that I’m really falling in love with your website, which was well done by the way.

    I find it to be very helpful to my personal health development since just last month after receiving results from an executive test, I was told that I am a borderline patient for the disease.

    As a fellow librarian – yes you guessed right- I started researching on the disease and came to the same conclusion that you did – I can reverse this disease through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. I look forward to exploring some of your recommendations here and I pray for you every success in your own lifestyle changes as you journey towards better health. Cheers!

    1. // Reply

      Maureen, this is a pleasant surprise. It is lovely to see a fellow librarian reading and commenting. Your kind words are appreciated. I do appreciate your taking the time to read and comment.

      The result of your test can be viewed in two ways: 1) An opportunity to make the changes and be in your best health ever, or 2) A death sentence. I am truly happy you took #1. Congrats girl.

      Keep reading and experimenting with whole foods and avoid diabetes. Cheers!

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      I appreciate the visit and the kind words. Thanks for the offer. I will do my research. Continued success to you and your organization. Stay safe.

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