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Is Ginger Good for Diabetics?

Let me admit upfront that this is the second time I am writing about ginger. Later in the article, I will give you a link to the first article. There are a few reasons why I excitedly write about ginger and diabetes. It works! That’s the simplest way to tell this truth. Ginger helps with
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Sauerkraut in Jars

This website is dedicated to giving you the latest information about using food to prevent and control, or better yet reverse diabetes. It also documents my journey with diabetes. Today I will share with you a brief summary of yet another research. This time we are looking on our gut and an intestinal bacterium which could
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Family history of diabetes

  “It runs in my family.” Think about how many times you heard this seemingly proud announcement, especially relating to an illness. What is truly sad, is that most of the time we are referring to lifestyle illnesses and we are not making the connection that we were taught to eat and behave in a given
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