5 Things to Control Diabetes

There are a few, simple things we should do every morning to ensure that we lower high blood sugar in the morning, and also prevent horrible spikes during the day.

The above is important because when diabetes is left untreated then the outcome can be catastrophic.  Kidney issues, heart diseases, stroke, vision problems, and loss of limbs are a few of the possibilities when we allow our blood sugar to spike throughout the day and is generally left uncontrolled.

5 Things to do Every Morning to Control Blood Sugar

Let us take a look at 5 things we should be doing every morning which have been successful in helping us to control diabetes.  The 5 things to do every morning to control diabetes throughout the day are:

  1. Test blood sugar using a glucometer soon after we awake.
  2. Exercise to lower blood sugar levels
  3. Eat a good healthy breakfast
  4. Check our feet
  5. Plan our day

Please take a look at the infographic below Down arrow

It is now time to look at each of the above.  Please continue to read below.

Test Blood Sugar Using a Glucometer

Testing does not control diabetes as suggested by the title, but it gives us the information we need to act on so that we can effectively control our blood sugar for the rest of the day. Testing my blood sugar in the morning when I am fresh out of bed, gives me the information I need to decide if the planned breakfast should still be had that morning.  Sometimes I have to modify or even completely change what was planned.

Allow me to give you an idea here.  When I awake with a desirable reading, then I need a maintenance breakfast, but I can have a little more carbs since I will still be taking some medication.  This morning that maintenance breakfast was boiled pumpkin (about 2 cups), a piece of steamed chicken breast, a small bammy, a cup of mixed fruits, and as usual, my delicious cup of coffee.

When we get to the section about breakfast, I will explain something else.  As a diabetic, I didn’t eat all the above at one sitting.  Keep reading for more information.

There is one medication that I am allowed to adjust when I wake with a decent blood glucose reading.  For me, this is anything between 5.5 to 6.5 (99 to 117).  I don’t do so well when my blood sugar drops to 5, so for me, 5.5 (I just round this off to 100) is the lowest I want to go.  Please remember that we are unique and we have different issues, so be guided by your doctor.

Exercise to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

I am a firm believer in the view that we need to live a more active lifestyle.  For some, this could be going to the gym, whilst for others this is simply washing the car, raking the yard, and gardening.  The idea is for us to be more active and avoid the sedentary lifestyle we have grown to love.

I feel great after doing physical work around the house and the yard.  The bonus is that I live in a cleaner and more organized space and I have the bonuses of higher quality sleep, a fitter body, and more controlled blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

My blood sugar responds nicely to activity and so I sometimes have to eat a little something before I exercise to avoid having the readings drop too low.  A good secret for me is to exercise or be more active in the morning after my coffee.  The reason for this is that my fasting blood sugar tends to be a bit higher and so exercise is a great solution for me in the morning.

Eat a Good Healthy Breakfast

I am now treating my first meal of the day as my most important one.  I discovered that dependent on my reading when I have a protein-filled breakfast, I am less hungry during the day.  This helps me to prevent high spikes throughout the day.

Permit me to refer to the first section above where I mentioned testing with the glucometer as soon as you get out of bed in the mornings.  I did promise that I would explain the breakfast bit further down in the article.  Well, here we are now, so let’s look a bit deeper at that breakfast and how and when it gets consumed.

Time for Coffee

The first thing I have is my coffee.  I love to add a little cream and about a half teaspoon of cinnamon.  Note I would have done my blood glucose reading before.  I also like at a bit of cumin at times, but not too much.  Confession here, I add a sprinkle of salt to my coffee.  I love what it does for the taste.

Time to Move – Exercise to Control Diabetes

I then move around.  I love to do my Leslie Sansone exercise after my coffee.  Check out this article about Leslie Sansone Walk At Home Video.  It is excellent for beginners and non-beginners.  If you don’t have someone to take a walk with you, and you don’t want to do so alone, then Leslie Sansone could be an indoor option.  Not the same, but worth considering.

If you have not yet read it, then here is the article:

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home, 1-Mile Workouts Reviews

Some days I wash the car, rake the yard, wipe the floor, or simply anything I can find around the house and the yard to do which will give me a few hours away from the laptop and or the other devices.

Post – Coffee and Exercise 

About an hour after my Coffee, then I have my fruits.  Some days, dependent on my reading, I have a large bowl of fruits.  Other days, if the reading is a little elevated, then I may just have a cup of fruits.

I drink a lot of water every day.  Usually, within 20 minutes of having my fruits, I consume about 16 to 20 oz. of water.  The fruits and water, along with the coffee I consumed before exercising would keep me feeling satisfied for approximately one hour. After that hour, yep, it’s time for the main meal.

The Real Stuff – Breakfast for Diabetics

Earlier I mentioned having two cups of pumpkin, a small bammy (about 3 inches in diameter), and a piece of steamed chicken breast.  I mostly steam the bammy.  Now, this would typically be the balance of the breakfast, which would keep me for a good three to four hours.  If I am hungry, I have a few nuts.  I love peanuts and pistachio.  I sometimes just eat a tablespoon of peanut butter and that works for me too.

Let me just give you another breakfast menu which works for me as well.  Please see it below:

  • 1 cup coffee with cream and cinnamon leaf (this time I brewed the coffee with the leaf in the pot)
  • 1 large bowl (about 2 cups) of mixed fruits (carambola, melon, and papaya).
  • 1 finger boiled green banana
  • 1 cup of steamed callaloo
  • 1/4 cup of peanuts (raw)
  • 16 oz. of water

There is no need to be hungry because you are diabetic.  I have large amounts of plant-based foods and my blood sugar and pressure are usually happy.  Bowel movements are great too.

The Diabetic Feet – Checking them in the Mornings

Diabetics should be careful with our feet.  Blisters (ignored) can turn into sores and one can eventually lose limbs if not vigilant and observant.  I do not ignore burning sensations or pain.  Once something is different, I seek help.  Footwear is important to me to ensure that I do not develop unnecessary foot problems.

Please read the following article about Diabetic Foot Care – Diabetic Socks.  There is one more article I think you should read.  Here is the link; Should Diabetics Wear Special Shoes? 

Plan your Day

I make it a habit to plan my day.  This way, I would have decided ahead of time what I will eat, how it will be prepared, and even when.  I try to do some meal prepping the night before.  This forces me to commit to a healthier way of eating to control diabetes.

I do the same to ensure that I don’t live a sedentary lifestyle.  Some days I sit a lot at a computer and work, whilst other days I do a lot of meetings (due to COVID-19, I am sitting more for work) so I have to skillfully incorporate exercise and movements into my daily routine.

Trust me, once you start planning, then you force yourself into doing the right thing because you are also more prepared.


I am diabetic and I am determined to be happy and as healthy as I can possibly be.  This however can not be achieved without serious efforts to control diabetes.

Yes, I do a lot of research in order to write these articles.  The added value to all those research is my experiments and experiences.  These bring the true value to these articles and to this website in general.

I hate sticking my fingers, but I do so in the morning so that I can make informed decisions throughout the day.  I am not a fan of exercising, but, I am liking it now, because of how it makes me feel and the numbers I see when I read my blood sugar and pressure.

I hated pumpkin, green banana, beans, and some nuts.  Now, I eat them any time of day because I love what they do to my body.  For me, a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods, mostly plant foods, leave me feeling energized and happy.  Yes, I do mean happy.

Whenever I start feeling sluggish, I know that my diet needs fixing.  In the event my diet is okay, then I know that my activity level is way too low.  This kind of lifestyle to control diabetes is an excellent way for most people to live.

Here is what I absolutely love – I can feel the difference in my body.  I see the results on the glucometer and the blood pressure machine.

Let me encourage you to read and act so that you can control diabetes and live a normal and healthy life.

Comments Below, Please

We love hearing from you.  Please take the time and send us your comments below.  Until next time, cheers.

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